About JoMoCo

JoMoCo is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing a selective means of preventing anti-drug antibodies (ADA) in Non Human Primates (NHP) during preclinical development. ADAbate, our proprietary technology, will improve the robustness and quality of pharmacokinetic (PK) and toxicology (Tox) testing results while reducing costs and advancing the 3Rs of animal welfare.

In addition, ADAbate will enhance the evaluation of neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in NHP viral challenge studies, accelerating preventive and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19.

Improved Preclinical Trial Results

Preclinical testing of biologicals can be confounded by the NHP immune response. JoMoCo’s approach to preventing the development of ADA is expected to produce more accurate pharmacokinetic and toxicity data, resulting in more reliable preclinical trials.

Improved Confidence in Clinical Trial Outcomes

More accurate NHP preclinical data will better inform clinical trial design, providing greater assurance of positive outcomes during early clinical development of biological therapeutics. This, in turn leads to economies in conducting fewer preclinical and clinical trials while increasing the likelihood of eventual approval by the FDA.

Reduced Demand for NHP

Preventing ADA development in PK studies will permit the reutilization of animals, reducing the number of NHP that need to be bred or imported each year.